Cydia Sources and Repos for Cydia App

Finding right Cydia sources helps you to save your time. If your device newly jailbroken, you might need to add new apps, games, and tweaks for your iOS device, this is the right article for you. We have discovered many Cydia sources to find what kind of apps and tweaks available on there. So we have listed down some very useful Cydia source which helps for newest users.

What are Cydia sources

For newest users who don't have an idea about Cydia source, Cydia sources are the apps or tweaks package which you can add to your Cydia. Once you add new Cydia source, you can able to add all of the apps, games, and tweaks are belong to Cydia repos. There are many more Cydia sources, and all of Cydia sources consist of hundreds or thousand apps and tweak. Therefore you have to choose the right Cydia to save your time. Lets what are these useful best Cydia sources.

Bigboss repository
As a daulft, You will get Bigboss Cydia sources when you installed Cydia app. It also provides many more tweaks and app for your iPhone and iPod.

ModMyi repository
ModMyi repo is very famous for numbers of themes, games, ringtones, wallpaper, and any tweaks for Apple iOs devices. It helps to customize your phone for an awesome look.

iPhoneCake also best Cydia sources like bigboss, because it also provides various kind of games hack and apps.
Source URL:

HackYouriPhone repository
If you want to get paid apps free to your iOS device, HackYouriPhone repository is the best solution. After the newest jailbroken, don't forget to add this Cydia repo to your iPhone or iPad. Because it offers awesome service.
Source URL:

BiteYourApple repository
This repository provides many themes, wallpapers, and many more tweaks. Therefore this is also a great Cydia source to customize your iOS device. Also, best to get cracked apps for free.
Source URL:

FilippoBiga repository
FilippoBiga helps you to customize your iOS device; this is the right Cydia sources for you. There are many tweaks and packages available to download. You can change your folder icons carrier logo lock screen, and many features are there.
Source URL:

In conclusion, Above list of Cydia sources helps you save you time and find the best Cydia source to your newly jailbroken ios device. If you have any issues regarding this, please let us know. cydia download